Beyond methodologies
…to a way of thinking

At Planlogic, the way we work is central to what makes us different. We believe methodology and tools are important, but only if they are employed by people who understand how to operate them effectively towards a positive solution. Our approach is a reflection of how we think and our philosophy and values.

Structure and Speed

Working to a methodology is essential to increase the chance of success, but process shouldn’t hinder progress. Our consultants come equipped with a view on common requirements in the industry areas we operate and detailed features of the in-house and 3rd party systems that are employed. This means you don’t need to spend months answering basic requirements questions.

For our bespoke development projects we apply our own Domain Driven Agile methodology which inherits the business domain and application architecture from predefined frameworks allowing for quick delivery of business priorities.

For packaged ETRM products we are huge fans of early prototyping. One of the main advantages of going with a packaged product is the ready-made sand-box that can be used to quickly bootstrap prototypes to de-risk and accelerate delivery. We think this is essential, especially during the design phase.

Learning is important

We believe learning is a life-long pursuit and it is an important part of our delivery culture. We like to think of learning as a shared process that we do together with our clients. It reflects our commitment to open communication, acknowledging our mistakes, thinking, and continuous improvement.

Knowledge is good, Understanding is key

Our industry is replete with ‘experts’ with knowledge of particular software packages but without an understanding of the underlying business processes and problems that are being addressed. Very few seek to understand why a requirement exists and how it should best be met - or even care to ask the questions. We believe this is important and the hallmark of a genuine expert.

Balance and Fun

We love what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We think sense of humour is important, and we certainly know there is more to life than work. We aspire to be approachable, down-to-earth individuals and we want our clients to value us as people as much as they do for our skills and expertise.