Always doing the right thing

At Planlogic client relationships are everything.  And we believe the way to achieve that is always to do the right thing for our clients.  We believe in life-time value of our client relationships not short term profits for Planlogic.

Expertise and Experience beats ‘warm bodies’ every time

We only employ experts and highly experienced IT people who understand energy and commodities trading, logistics and risk management.  A truism of consultancy, especially ETRM consultancy, is that the client is buying people and we only have the best people.  We have built and will continue to build a consultancy based on excellent people with extensive experience, knowledge and understanding.

Accelerate through Expertise 

We are committed to accelerating projects where we can, through the use of expert consultants, employing experience, a pragmatic approach, knowledge and blueprint solutions.  ETRM projects do not need to cost tens of millions of dollars and be staffed by an army of under experienced people.

People not ‘Resources’ 

At Planlogic ‘resources’ is a dirty word.  We believe in people.  We invest in people.  And we recognise the diversity within all of our people and our clients’ people.  We do all we can to match the right person to the right role, to grow everyone, and to encourage a reasonable work-life balance.

Enjoying Life

We believe that work should be enjoyable and shouldn't overtake life.  Work is important and we take it seriously, but: shared moments of humour with colleagues; the "eureka" feeling of creating an amazing design; going home to our loved ones at the end of the day in the knowledge of a job well done – these are the things that ultimately make it worth doing.

Honesty and Transparency

We believe that honesty is the best policy.  We always seek to be completely transparent with all our stakeholders and to bring transparency to our projects.  In return we welcome candid feedback and an honest assessment of how we’re doing.