Danny Poynting


Danny has been working to provide systems solutions for the Energy and Utilities industries since starting his career with Price Waterhouse Management Consultants in 1992, before joining Planlogic in 1998. He has been the solution architect for a wide array of projects delivered by Planlogic, covering Trading and Risk Management, Logistics, Decision Support and Portfolio Optimisation across a wide variety of implementation technologies and approaches.

Danny is a subject matter expert in the Gas, Power, Emissions and LNG trading markets and is a keystone in the ‘Domain Centric’ approach that we use for all our implementation projects, setting up methodologies and review processes that ensure our experience, assets and blueprints are used effectively, whether we are implementing a standalone bespoke solution or working to implement and integrate an Enterprise wide packaged solution.

Outside of work, Danny has a busy and demanding family life into which he tries to fit as much running and sporting activity as possible. He still harbours ambitions to play cricket for Yorkshire, although he concedes that this looks increasingly unlikely as evidence suggests he is no longer the best player in his household..